Sunday, February 25, 2018

I'm currently having a race against time or rather my laptop's battery as it is at 27%, trying to think of something to say that actually makes sense in less than an hour or for however long it takes for me until I'm happy with this post. If you're wondering the whereabouts of my charger, It's just beside me, as I helplessly look at it for about an hour thinking of the times I took it for granted 
(knowing in the first place that I shouldn't have), now that it has officially died on me. I've been traveling from north to south, looking for places I wanna shoot at, thinking of what to eat after as my exhausted-from-heat-self chugs water to stay hydrated. Can't thank my good friend Ian enough, for being patient with me, for showing your willingness to learn more about photography and for being enthusiastic the entire time we spent shooting, walking, riding taxis, tricycle bikes and do more walking just to get to the location. It's always just fun spending time with you, working or not. Can't wait for you guys to see the rest of the photos that we both worked so hard on. Ian, you have no idea how much I'm very thankful to have you not just as a friend but as family. I know you've been busy working on your gradshow, stressing over a lot of things, and I can't wait for us to get through this semester and celebrate by going to your favorite club or the beach. You can do it, with you by my side I know that we both can. You're a blessing. I love you.
Now at 10%, I'm happy, Goodbye.
Love always, Ena

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