An open letter to my best friend

I'm writing- or should i say typing this on my way home. Its already 11:24 in the evening and the traffic is still crazy. In the mids...

I'm writing- or should i say typing this on my way home. Its already 11:24 in the evening and the traffic is still crazy. In the midst of all the craziness happening to this life of mine every now and then, I still happen to think about you and how you do, I just thought you should know. Its been months since I left home. It's also been months since the night we made a promise of having each other's backs and not letting go. Not letting go of mere old memories that used to make a huge impact to me back then-- all becoming vague and static now that I think of it. There's no one to blame for what happened. They say it's inevitable-- people coming in and out of your life, I guess I was just not ready to risk the friendship or neither risk you. I was more open and you were the mysterious type (one thing i loved about you) but as someone who never stops asking for answers from a guy who never really talked about what's going on in his head, I just couldn't help and wonder why. I wonder why you had to stop caring. I wonder why you just decided to start a new life-- a life without me.

I wonder why you had to let go. Whatever your reason is, I'm still here and I'm still willing to listen. Just let me try to understand you, one last time, whenever you're ready. Don't worry, I won't Iet go, I promise, I will remember you. The memories and how it all started-- and how it all went down. From how we became so close to how we became so distant. From pinky swears to broken promises. How it went from I will never forget you, to us acting like complete strangers and falling apart. This is not goodbye, this is a thank you. For loving me at some point in your life  and receiving my love in return. We could've had a picture together and this could have been a happy comeback post with your picture in it. But all things happen for a reason so I'm just wishing you good health and happiness. Happiness that you weren't able to find in me, hopefully wishing you find it in someone else if not within yourself.

Here are some pictures of what you missed out on. Take care always.

PS: Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday.
Your friend, Ena

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  1. Reading this post makes me feel missing my best friend. We've been around 10 years this year! But last December, I just lost a friend who's been around for 3 years because she seemed not to care of our friendship that's why I have to let her go. Sad but that's the reality.