50 shades of life.

This post has been sitting on my drafts for quite a while now, promising myself, I would post this on &l...

This post has been sitting on my drafts for quite a while now, promising myself, I would post this on < insert day> and after my futile attempts of constructing a sentence-- as the hours pass by, still not convinced, still blog-less. Its as if my brain refuses to come up with an idea to write about or put the words together to form something Im completely satisfied with. They call it writer's block- but I prefer saying lack-of-stories-to-tell-phase slash what-is-happening-to-my-life?-not-much-really-stage since this platform has been the closest thing Ive got to a diary. I've tried to keep a regular diary but that never really worked. Looking back, I'm happy that I'm still here. Initially, this blog was made for people who share the same passion as I do- love for clothes, and love for stories. I was still a student in Japan when I started this blog, considering it would be interesting to share something to people that I barely know.  It worked. My friends in Japan knew, but never made a fuss about it. I love how every time I asked them to take a picture of me, they would just nod and say '' lets eat after this!'' or when we're at a coffee shop studying for finals my friend would suddenly say '' lets take pictures instead, my brain is too tired to memorize these kanjis'' -- good old times. This blog and my friends became my happy little (not really) pill. 

I dont remember when I started but all I know is that Ive been keeping up with it for more than 2 years now. Always grateful for my readers, my friends who help me with pictures to attach in every story that I publish, and to all the people who inspire me. Here's to more stories, memories and impromptu cheese appreciation speeches to share. 

Love always,

P.S // As promised,  I made a playlist for my good friend, Jassie. Hope you like it jass! I miss you.
Listen to it too, if you fancy ;)

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  1. You look is the bomb!!! I love it!! xx


  2. I'm going to have to follow you on Soundcloud! I miss you Enaaa I hope you visit Japan soon! This is such a chic outfit btw and love your makeup<3

  3. I love the whole outfit, those shoes...love for fisrt sight.
    Petra xx http://90suniverse.weebly.com/