First of all, I'd like to greet everyone a merry merry merry merry Christmas, or if you're livin' on the 24t...

 First of all, I'd like to greet everyone a merry merry merry merry Christmas, or if you're livin' on the 24th or should I say the other side of the world then Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas Eve supper cause just so you know, I did. Just like how I enjoy my cookies and cupcakes (totally aware about the high calorie consumption my body is trying to handle at the moment) and wearing sweaters during the winter season . The other day, I had to run some errands and buy ingredients for my Nutella cheesecake (which was a success, by the way) with my friend and whilst walking the streets of Omiya, we just couldn't help but stop and take pictures as we were feeling christmassy with our sweaters although mine didn't feel christmassy at all, but who am I kidding, it's still a sweater. Sweaters are for winter and winter is equivalent to Christmas so I hope you get the point. HEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHE. But gonna be serious for a sec, let us not forget what the season is all about and what we are actually celebrating today. Let us not forget to take some time out to pray and thank God not only for giving us Jesus, but also for the blessings he poured into our lives this year and for more blessings ahead of us. I hope you guys have an amazing day! you guys excited to open your gifts? I'm excited to go back downstairs and eat my butterscotch cookies, and my last red velvet cupcake *sobs*
Love always, Ena <3

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  1. Your whole outfit is beautiful - I love them ripped jeans!

    Merry Christmas! xo

    1. bethany! thank you so much! x

      merry christmas bethany!

  2. Awesome outfit Ena! Merry Christmas! n_n <3

    Dress to Express

  3. heheh you are so cute. love red velvet and butterscotch cookies are the best!

    ps. i'm your newest follower on google and bloglovin ;)

    xoxo . ღ

  4. Love the whole look! Hope you had a very jolly Christmas!

  5. Love this yellow sweater! thank you for visiting my blog :) It's not often I come across bloggers that live in Japan so I'm really glad you found my blog! Hope we can keep touch on here and maybe even do some kind of collaboration if you are open to doing something like that! Happy Holidays <3

  6. I'm happy that i find your blog cause i love your style.

    Merry christmas to you too! <33

  7. Ena, thanks for your incredibly kind comment on my blog. Due to the time difference, I awoke to read it this morning. Such an awesome way to start my day!

    In recent months, I have considered shutting my blog down altogether. I have even gone so far as to taking down hundreds of previously published posts. The readership has changed so much over the years, as has my writing style. I have also struggled to find inspiration.

    Alas, you put a smile on my face and some much needed confidence in my heart. Comments like yours remind me why I started Life Goes On, I Think. Thanks not only for reading my ramblings but for saying what you said.

  8. I love this! You're so amazingly adorable and stylish and beautiful and aaggghhh!