The Black I Love

WEARING : Thrifted jacket, Skort from Zara , Shoes from  Lacoste   Considering the merest possibility of wearing this sk...

WEARING: Thrifted jacket, Skort from Zara, Shoes from Lacoste

 Considering the merest possibility of wearing this skort as it is during the winter(slim chance), I might as well just wear it until it becomes kind of superfluous; I wont really mind. Anyways, I am in love with these shoes however the only downfall is that they don't really feel comfortable at the back of my feet which is probably why------blisters. 

Days to go before exams and I haven't started studying and I don't think I will start until like the day before. I guess Junioritis (yep, still not a senior so why not make my own) has hit me early and pretty hard, but its not like I cant do anything about it; think of lemon tea and sweets a.k.a my study buddies, we'll meet again.

Love always, Ena <3

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  1. I love the pictures! Great outfit. X