1stDay Jacket from  SPINNS , Gansta love sweatshirt from  Forever21 , Shoes from  callitspring ...

Jacket from SPINNS, Gansta love sweatshirt from Forever21, Shoes from callitspring

I just got back home from our school trip, and let me just tell you how melancholic I am feeling right now that I could cry. Have you ever experienced something so perfect (like special events slash vacation or maybe your birthday) come to an end and you find yourself feeling all torn up, clinging to the memories, and wishing you could go back? On my way back home, I started to feel all those feelings coming up. I left my heart in Hokkaido. It all happened too fast and yet it felt like it could have lasted forever. Although sometimes traveling can make you a bit heartsick, and you find yourself impassively wandering the streets while your thoughts are just spaced out yep, things can get a lot worse but that place isn't that bad when you bring your camera with you. You become spoiled. (HAHA)

I am pretty sure, most of you guys like traveling and never feel homesick, but if ever you're feeling that way, just think about how nice it would be if you make memories while you're on vacation and when you get back and people ask you what you did you would have a bunch of stories to share. DID THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE? well, I hope it did.

Love always, Ena <3

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  1. Love your pics, posts and style - all blog is cool so I'm in ;)
    It would be nice if you check out my blog too... kisses

    LiliS from lilissss.blogspot.com

  2. GIYONGCHY!!!! *hearts*

    Love this! Especially your jacket huhu I've always wanted to shop at SPINNS (and Japan in general) :-( ((someday))