3rdDay: OTARU Jacket from  Forever21  top and pants from  H&M   bag from  Guess The weather seriously needs to ma...

3rdDay: OTARU
Jacket from Forever21 top and pants from H&M bag from Guess

The weather seriously needs to make up its mind. For non-consecutive weeks, it felt like we were falling right into fall and now we were back to 40 degree temps and humidity. Okay, I exaggerated a bit there, lets just say 30 but still.

This is what I wore on the 3rd day of our school trip. Its safe to say that I have a thing for leather jackets coz they are a great fall staple piece, and totally versatile. The versatility of a leather jacket is what makes it an investment piece every girl should own. OH AND they give off that expected badass rider vibe,(no helmet necessary) which I think is a bonus if you're opting for a grunge look. HAHA

Happy Saturday everyone! 
Mom just got home and got us some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. ------->*O-O*
You can never go wrong with Lemon cream cheese and Boston kreme. Just talking about it makes my mouth water. I dont know why I'm talking like this.I.FEEL.LIKE.I.NEED.TO.GET.ME.SOME.DOOOOOOOUUUGHH-Bye.
Love always, Ena <3

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  1. you look gorgeous! love the jacket <3


  2. You rock this outfit! love it

    xx Mounia

  3. Hey Ena!
    I've just fallen in love with your blog, you're absolutely flawless! <3 I'm thrilled to become friends with you, let's chat sometime! :) x, Zoe.

    Dress to Express

    1. hi zoe! i really meant it when i said that i wanted to become friends with you. your blog is just natural. i love it.

      love always, Ena

    2. Aw, you're too sweet! Do you have a kik or facebook to communicate with? x, Zoe.

      Dress to Express

    3. yes i have kik! whats your kik name? :)