WEARING:  SLY  jumpsuit short,  forever21  cardigan, boots A few hours from now, I will be saying hello to another...

WEARING: SLY jumpsuit short, forever21 cardigan, boots
A few hours from now, I will be saying hello to another year of my existence. I seriously think I'm having a bad problem with pre-birthday jitters(honestly freaked out I don't even know why?! HELP). My rational brain prompts me to embrace another era of my life.... to work my ass off while the same time enjoy what life has to offer. All I can think of is how  grateful I am for each and every day that I am given, each day that is filled with joy and happiness from the people around me (maybe not everyday but still). I know that I am still young, theres still so much I have to do, so much I want to accomplish! I just wanted to take this moment to thank all the people who have played a massive part in my life for the past 16 years, to the people who were there for me through the ups and downs. I genuinely THANK YOU. This year proved me that life can get better everyday if we just keep our positive attitudes, we can be the best of ourselves and manifest the most amazing and wonderful life. I think I am ready for you little miss seventeen, lets see what you have to offer. Love always, Ena <3

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  1. Oh happy birthday! I'm so glad to have checked google+ today, otherwise I wouldn't have realised you were back and posting again! You probably don't even remember me, but I just happen to like your writing style and contents ^_^ Cute outfit post too xx

    1. Hi whitney! ofcourse, i remember you! and yep, I started posting again after weeks of being M.I.A :) plus the change of the layout and the blog url so you probably got confused at first. I know i say this a lot, but Im really really touched by your comment. knowing that someone appreciates the posts that I put on my blog really makes me happy. Thank you so much whitney. x love always, Ena