Thank u, next

Monday, November 5, 2018

Nope, I'm not gonna be dropping names of my ex crushes, ex lover or relationships I've dealt with along similar lines (not even a lot to be honest, and I mean I could but that's gonna take a lot of 'splaining to do) , just thought of doing something new on the blog, is all. I've been getting a lot of requests from friends, and if you're on this blog for quite a while, you know that I did make some videos in the past which I deleted for some reason-- maybe it was the fact that I knew I was not prepared to commit, or maybe it was because I'm still uncomfortable talking in front of the camera, my indecisiveness trying to win over my life (yet again) but I guess it failed this time *wink*. Just a disclaimer,  know there's a lot of makeup shenanigans happening on the video, it does not entirely mean that I'll be doing makeup tutorials from now on, FYI, I still suck at it-- maybe a 2.0 version of videos that I did before, film diaries, mood through visuals, to name a few, but then again, you might end up watching a video of me talking about my make-up routine, with or without my sister's approval (a.k.a someone who has expert knowledge in make up), coz I'm bad*ss like that.
Love always, E
P.S. I'm kidding, I love you sis.

22 and redundant

Monday, September 24, 2018

Almost a month later after my birthday, 23 days to be precise, (as if saying that is gonna help my excuse to be more reasonable as to why I was MIA on this online diary of mine 23 days ago ....a.k.a my birthday) thoughts still stuck between my mind and mouth unable to construct the right words or even think of a killer opening line to continue typing, failing in my attempts to contribute to my birthday archives, but in my defense, I was living in the moment (haha nice one)... an even more acceptable reason would be the journal that I purchased a few months ago ( which is updated during weekends or when I spent money on something--receipts filed in to remind me on how much I easily give in to such an impulsive act) so technically, I am not doing a bad job with preserving memories, even with my inability to construct sentences or concepts to put on this online journal these past few weeks. Include the fact that I had to work the night shift before my birthday, and continue on with the celebration with no sleep ( actually, I did get some sleep in the car whilst my family decided to go thrift shopping without me, woke up from my nap and found myself in the parking lot, and decided to get more nap instead lol) followed by a surprise visit from my best friend who came all the way from chiba just to greet me personally, there was just no time to sit and conclude the day with at least a thousand words even if I had the whole day to think ( wow, I think I'm convinced enough), but still doesn't also change the fact this post is 23 days overdue. Despite being sleep deprived and all the other shenanigans that happened on my birthday, it was an intimate time with my family and I couldn't think of any other people to celebrate it with. I have yet to publish the pictures of when I went to a museum with my good friend Akina san but photos below are taken by my mom, the person I should be thanking for for bringing me into this world (succesfully after hours in labor) , and one of the people I celebrate my birth month with, alongside other special people in my life that are also September babies (apparently I know a lot, you guys know who you are, cheers). Enough of me with the open and close parenthesis (it’s quite a favorite habit of mine, see?) and go straight with my near-closing phrase on my birthday posts, and that ofcourse is to genuinely thank everyone who’s always been there for me. I don’t get to thank you everyday for being there, and I don’t intend to thank you only on my birthday, but I still take it as an opportunity to express my gratitude for always... well, being there. The world is already filled with so much hate, and life can give you so much sh*t to stress and worry about; and I apologize if I had been the sh*t some people had to deal with, but here I am thanking everyone who still keeps up and never gets tired with me and my sh*t. Without you guys, it’s just me and again, my sh*t, so thank you for keeping me sane or if not, at least thank you for being insane with me. 
Love always, E

Felt you

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

My summer in a nutshell. Well, I was given at least 5 days off work and knowing my bummed self, I was pretty sure I could have spent it in my room, catching up on running man or some shows on Netflix, munching on some konbini junk food whilst I question the perplexities of life as I wake up with more zits on my face and my futile attempts of encouraging or rather convincing myself that this is just a phase a.k.a PMS, regardless of the amount of fried chicken I ate within a week and how I'm ducking out of the situation thats happening whilst I type on my laptop coz I'm still bothered by my acne at the moment sister dragged me to the beach (woo! you did a good job there, Ena). I do love the beach, and it's been awhile since I've been so it was totally not a bad idea other than the fact that I forgot to put sunscreen on my back and now I have tan lines on... you guessed it right, my back-- just my back *laughs awkwardly*. Nevertheless.... it was a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The 6-hour car ride was a pain in the ass though, both figuratively and physically speaking. I hope you like the photos as much as I did compiling them. Photos taken with my film camera/phone. Made a playlist on my Soundcloud and Spotify account as some of my favorites were not available on Soundcloud. Give it a listen when you're free or just bored.

Love always, E

once upon a time

Saturday, July 28, 2018

I've been staring at my laptop for who knows how long. I should have known, after years of writing on this blog, this is just how I greet my readers. Hello from a person struggling to think of a good way to start a comeback post or  should I say story? Yeah, i'm convinced this is a story. Not something you would share to your grandchildren with high hopes of fairy tale endings, though-- not even close.

A girl fell in love
with the idea of love and being in love
Being in love with who, you may ask
to tell the truth, she wouldn't answer with a person's name
but maybe if you ask her about a memory she had
then maybe she would have had a lot to say.
She was a hopeless romantic, maybe she still is
a truckload of happy memories 
drowning in nostalgia and what ifs
trading one heartbreak for another
as her body trembles
more at night
groaning with thoughts
wanting to be with the person
who gave the heartache and sleepless nights

midnight strikes and she's all alone
the thought of it
drains her energy
unable to hide
a familiar feeling
of longing for that person
who can never feel the same way 

maybe this is a vow I call
La Doleur Exquise

a promise I didn't know I made
til I encountered broken smiles and empty promises
and let these feelings habituate
as my heart keeps getting hurt anyway

This is not a love story.
Love always,


Sunday, February 25, 2018

I'm currently having a race against time or rather my laptop's battery as it is at 27%, trying to think of something to say that actually makes sense in less than an hour or for however long it takes for me until I'm happy with this post. If you're wondering the whereabouts of my charger, It's just beside me, as I helplessly look at it for about an hour thinking of the times I took it for granted 
(knowing in the first place that I shouldn't have), now that it has officially died on me. I've been traveling from north to south, looking for places I wanna shoot at, thinking of what to eat after as my exhausted-from-heat-self chugs water to stay hydrated. Can't thank my good friend Ian enough, for being patient with me, for showing your willingness to learn more about photography and for being enthusiastic the entire time we spent shooting, walking, riding taxis, tricycle bikes and do more walking just to get to the location. It's always just fun spending time with you, working or not. Can't wait for you guys to see the rest of the photos that we both worked so hard on. Ian, you have no idea how much I'm very thankful to have you not just as a friend but as family. I know you've been busy working on your gradshow, stressing over a lot of things, and I can't wait for us to get through this semester and celebrate by going to your favorite club or the beach. You can do it, with you by my side I know that we both can. You're a blessing. I love you.
Now at 10%, I'm happy, Goodbye.
Love always, Ena


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

One of the things I had to deal with every time I write on the blog is how I start and how I end it. Its always been a love-hate type of relationship with this blog of mine and its not because I haven't got any blog-worthy stories to say, but because I do—and just when I thought I have everything all figured out, I get lost like I'm in some kind of a maze. My indecisive self tires me out, completely stuck, words running in and out of my mind, am I doing it wrong or right? Is this enough or too much? — And I struggle as my mind tries to process what my heart feels through words. This is what I have to put up with when I'm writing, and when I'm not. It’s like being torn between paths that only lead to the same way. It’s like getting to choose between yes or yes. You end up doing what you said you wouldn’t do, not because you have no choice, but because thats what your heart tells you to do which only leads to two things— You regretting the decision or you being satisfied with the outcome. Fortunately, in these feelings of helplessness, I always end up with the latter. But what if— what if life decides to go against me and I end up regretting my decision? Thinking about it now, if such a thing really happens to me, I’d probably just stay at home, think of more stupid things I could have done. Regret is inevitable, give it some time, and everything will be fine again— I’d say to myself. But of course, how would I know? Not unless it really happens, I’d still let my indecisiveness win over me....... but I’m trying. Sure, right now, there are many things that I'm still uncertain about, things that I have a hard time grasping, things that are so new to me that make me feel overwhelmed. But in this world full of doubts, there are a lot of things that I’m not sure of, but if there’s an exception— it's trying

Trying this with you.
 Happy Valentine’s Day. 
Love always, Ena

P.S. I made a playlist for you.