a playlist to feed the mind

Monday, September 2, 2019

Curated a playlist accumulating all the songs that gave an umf factor for when I'm in my feelings, or just simpin' a.k.a songs that I enjoy when I'm in my room with my thoughts late at night. I hope you enjoy the playlist as much as I did compiling them. Here's the second batch of pictures from the ritual birthday photoshoot. Dont stress yourself too much babe, September's gonna be good.
Claiming it.
Love always,E

you were good to me

Sunday, September 1, 2019

I turned 23 today. That was my mind suggesting a good opening line for a comeback just when you thought that I have abandoned this online diary of mine. Looking back over these past few months that I have been MIA, there wasn't much to tell. Except the fact that all the things that I'm about to tell you were all make or break slash major life experiences. To start off, after months of working on my collection,  I finally graduated from college. It was such a rollercoaster ride, having gone through multiple breakdowns in a day, stress eating, stress dancing, late night questions, all the self-doubt consumption and what not, as the same cycle goes on, every single day. Nevertheless, it was an experience of a lifetime and I wouldn't have it any other way. Second, I fell inlove. I sound like I'm saying this casually but trust me, I sound like (FRIENDS reference and spoiler coming) Ross when he found out Joey and Rach kissed, all loud and squeaky trying to make a fool out of myself as I say, I'M FINE.........but all jokes aside,  I'm fine, really (now I just sound like Ross, don't I?). Finally got to admit to myself that I fell inlove when I subconsciously ( and halft-heartedly) told my bestfriend about it. Oh well, we all screw up life sometimes, don't we? I'm saying this like its all over, but honestly I'm just not sure about how I feel. I'm saying this like its past tense, but when in reality I just wanna move on. I'm saying this casually, but the truth is I'm being vulnerable for once and I am not handling it very well. I remind myself that we all have our weaknesses, and we're all trying to overcome every feeling that comes with it. Mine just happens to be this one. Two major things, make or break life experiences. One made it, whatever happens, I just hope nothing but the best for the latter. 
Love always, E


Friday, December 7, 2018

For over 6 years, Japan was home to me. Whenever my closest friends and I have a discussion about the future, I would always mention Tokyo, as if my brain has the word TOKYO plastered on it. As if like it is something that I have no control of, how I just feel like it's the only option I know that would pan out my life in the long run. You know how you often think of situations in your life that would work out just because you have a strong feeling that it really would, regardless of what other people may think about it, but the idea alone overwhelms and excites you at the same time? like how all your instincts tell you that you're going to end up in this situation one way or another, like its the only thing that you're very sure of-- that's how I feel about the place.  To say that I am in love with the city is an understatement. I am in love with chaos that happens when I'm alone walking down the street, thinking that there's so much happening in life that I don't know about. I am in love with the silence that happens after all the stores close at 21:00. I am in love with the secret side of Tokyo, getting lost in a treasure trove of places that only your feet can show you ( and google maps when not cooperating, but still ). I love how the strong wind helps the leaves fall off the Ginkgo tree. I am in love with the city lights, and even the fairy lights that help quaint small restaurants attract customers (mostly couples) not just for food but comfort. I love how Kairo makes me feel in the cold. I am in love with how Karaokes look like after 2 am, how a room of 10 people become 4 people, and from 4 become 2. I love how 6 AM train rides in the winter feel like-- just before the rush hour, when you can still sit anywhere, the heater on, as you watch the sunrise from the window. I guess I am a fan of its imperfection-- that no matter how lively the city gets, you can still feel loneliness somewhere in the air, as if its part of what makes the place Tokyo. Typing this makes me realize why I see myself living in this place, and maybe it's because I see myself in it. In this place, I see me.
Love always, E
P.S. made a video for you


Thank u, next

Monday, November 5, 2018

Nope, I'm not gonna be dropping names of my ex crushes, ex lover or relationships I've dealt with along similar lines (not even a lot to be honest, and I mean I could but that's gonna take a lot of 'splaining to do) , just thought of doing something new on the blog, is all. I've been getting a lot of requests from friends, and if you're on this blog for quite a while, you know that I did make some videos in the past which I deleted for some reason-- maybe it was the fact that I knew I was not prepared to commit, or maybe it was because I'm still uncomfortable talking in front of the camera, my indecisiveness trying to win over my life (yet again) but I guess it failed this time *wink*. Just a disclaimer,  know there's a lot of makeup shenanigans happening on the video, it does not entirely mean that I'll be doing makeup tutorials from now on, FYI, I still suck at it-- maybe a 2.0 version of videos that I did before, film diaries, mood through visuals, to name a few, but then again, you might end up watching a video of me talking about my make-up routine, with or without my sister's approval (a.k.a someone who has expert knowledge in make up), coz I'm bad*ss like that.
Love always, E
P.S. I'm kidding, I love you sis.

22 and redundant

Monday, September 24, 2018

Almost a month later after my birthday, 23 days to be precise, (as if saying that is gonna help my excuse to be more reasonable as to why I was MIA on this online diary of mine 23 days ago ....a.k.a my birthday) thoughts still stuck between my mind and mouth unable to construct the right words or even think of a killer opening line to continue typing, failing in my attempts to contribute to my birthday archives, but in my defense, I was living in the moment (haha nice one)... an even more acceptable reason would be the journal that I purchased a few months ago ( which is updated during weekends or when I spent money on something--receipts filed in to remind me on how much I easily give in to such an impulsive act) so technically, I am not doing a bad job with preserving memories, even with my inability to construct sentences or concepts to put on this online journal these past few weeks. Include the fact that I had to work the night shift before my birthday, and continue on with the celebration with no sleep ( actually, I did get some sleep in the car whilst my family decided to go thrift shopping without me, woke up from my nap and found myself in the parking lot, and decided to get more nap instead lol) followed by a surprise visit from my best friend who came all the way from chiba just to greet me personally, there was just no time to sit and conclude the day with at least a thousand words even if I had the whole day to think ( wow, I think I'm convinced enough), but still doesn't also change the fact this post is 23 days overdue. Despite being sleep deprived and all the other shenanigans that happened on my birthday, it was an intimate time with my family and I couldn't think of any other people to celebrate it with. I have yet to publish the pictures of when I went to a museum with my good friend Akina san but photos below are taken by my mom, the person I should be thanking for for bringing me into this world (succesfully after hours in labor) , and one of the people I celebrate my birth month with, alongside other special people in my life that are also September babies (apparently I know a lot, you guys know who you are, cheers). Enough of me with the open and close parenthesis (it’s quite a favorite habit of mine, see?) and go straight with my near-closing phrase on my birthday posts, and that ofcourse is to genuinely thank everyone who’s always been there for me. I don’t get to thank you everyday for being there, and I don’t intend to thank you only on my birthday, but I still take it as an opportunity to express my gratitude for always... well, being there. The world is already filled with so much hate, and life can give you so much sh*t to stress and worry about; and I apologize if I had been the sh*t some people had to deal with, but here I am thanking everyone who still keeps up and never gets tired with me and my sh*t. Without you guys, it’s just me and again, my sh*t, so thank you for keeping me sane or if not, at least thank you for being insane with me. 
Love always, E